Excerpt from Introduction to Dancing With My Daddy.

“As we stepped onto the floor, my heart was swept up by the lilting music.  It had always had that effect on me. Music moved my young spirit and made my feet want to dance.  Now as daddy cradled my small, vulnerable hand in his and we were away, I felt pulled into the rhythm of the song, carried along as though by a gentle wave in the ocean on the sunniest of summer days.”

“A woman’s relationship with her father is a training ground for all future relationships. Now psychologists say that the father-daughter relationship has far more to do with adult adjustment than was thought.”  

The vital role played by the relationship between father and daughter is often hindered by life’s hurts and difficulties. The protection, nurture and covering originally intended often goes awry, and daughters, because of this, find themselves measuring God with the measure shaped by their earthly dad.

And so we as daughters are often left with a feeling of being incomplete. A feeling of having no role model of fatherhood that we are content with. We may feel the need to reach out and make our fathers someone that they never were, are now or ever could be.

For the daughter who has suffered abuse at the hand of a father, who has been left with shattered dreams and hopes because of the under-valuing of herself in the eyes of perhaps the most important person in her life, a relationship with the Heavenly Father can release her untapped potential, helping her to flourish in a beautiful and releasing way.  Only He has the ability to wipe away the hurt, the negative images and the damage that may have been impressed upon her.

For the daughter whose father was loved and revered, whose relationship with him was untainted and remembered with fondness, the bond with our Heavenly Father can secure and establish her heart, deepening the trust that has started here on Earth, continuing the beauty and the love that a Daddy can bring. But now it becomes Eternal.”

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